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North Carolina

Doing something I love, for someone I love. Handcrafted bangles and jewelry.


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About Blue j Beads

Jessica Sokal


It all started with Blue.  My younger brother Steven, or as I call him—Blue—was diagnosed with autism when I was four.  If you know me, you know that Steven is my absolute world.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing him happy, whether that means traveling, cooking, or just joking around with each other.  We have done everything together since the beginning, and even decided to move to Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2012. It was shortly after that I realized it was time to make another move…

That is how Blue j Beads came about.

I have a passion for three things: God, my loved ones, and fashion- especially handmade jewelry. Not everyone is able to do something they love for someone they love, but Blue j Beads allows me to do just that. With each piece of jewelry I make, I hope to spread awareness about the ones with such a pure and innocent heart like Steven.  A portion of the proceeds on my creations will go towards helping people with autism, like my Blue.

Blue j pieces feature gold-plated copper-core wire wrapped around neutral semiprecious stones with blue being the only accent color. I have named each Blue j bangle after someone who holds a special place in my heart. Every piece is handcrafted by me personally, and can be customized to fit your own style.

Despite all of the hardships Steven has faced, he has such an accepting and loving spirit that makes me want to be a better person.  Steven inspires me every day, and I look forward to doing something I love that will benefit him and the autistic community.  I am very open to your feedback and new ideas so please contact me with anything you have in mind! I look forward to making something perfectly beaded just for you.